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About M. W. Moore

Removing the veil
that often hides
our deepest secrets . . .

This is who I am

M. W. Moore is a former crack-cocaine user, sexual addict and model. He is also a NCAA track-and-field champion who captured the consciousness of readers with the first installment of his extraordinary fact-based autobiography about a fallen star called For What I Hate I Do. It tells reveals the conflict of Moore's life that led him down a path of cocaine use, lies, destruction to robbing six banks in the Houston area, and finally going to prison.

Moore tells more of his life story through the second installment book release, Internal Chaos. This novel takes the reader through Moore's transition to prison after robbing six banks in the Houston area. Raw and gritty prison life is revealed in it, whereas in Moore's third installment, An About Face, tells a brighter story of redemption.

An indulgence into crime was unlikely for Moore, who grew up in a respectable middle-class Baptist family. Moore, who once competed against or shared the spotlight with legendary Olympians Carl Lewis, Edwin Moses and Florence Griffith-Joyner, speaks eloquently and courageously about the dark side of addictions and its consequences, including his HIV status.

Despite the risk of being ridiculed, rejected and vilified, Moore stands firm to his purpose: Tell all to help all. And he does so by removing the veil that often hides our deepest secrets. For him, honest exposure is the best testimony one can offer.

Moore, who attended West Texas State University and Mississippi State University, where he studied electrical engineering, is the third of five children. He is a native of Houston, Texas, where he still resides.